Burrard Gateway

01. Increased Child Care

  • 5,500 sf 37 Child Daycare centre proposed
Burrard Gateway

02. Job Creation in the City's Core

  • Retention and expansion of urban car dealership and addition of new Scion Boutique shop
  • New Restaurants, Cafes and other Retail opportunities
  • 192,500 SF of new Office Space
Burrard Gateway

03. Use of Heritage Density Bank

  • The project will significantly draw down the City's Heritage
    Density Bank (70,000 sf ). The proceeds of which help retain and rejuvenate our City's historic buildings.
Burrard Gateway

04. Supports the City's Housing Plan for
      the Downtown Eastside

  • Proceeds from this project will help provide affordable rental
    housing in the Downtown Eastside.
Burrard Gateway

05. Payment of DCL
     (Development Cost Levy)

  • DCL Payments will help fund projects across the city that will benefit everyone.
Burrard Gateway

06. A Showcase of Sustainable
      Technology and Design

  • The project will meet the equivalent of LEEDTM Gold with a
    minimum of 6 optimize energy performance points, 1 water
    efficiency point and 1 storm water point.
Burrard Gateway

07. Significant Car Share Program

  • The Dealership will provide fuel efficient Toyota vehicles
    for the use of the project and the neighbourhood.
Burrard Gateway

08. More Rental Housing

  • The Project will provide 79 New Rental Units close to transit
    and jobs.
Burrard Gateway

09. Community Gallery

  • Ground Plane energized with new Community Gallery space
    under tower
Burrard Gateway

10. Open and Active Public Realm at grade

  • Replacement of large Open Parking lot with active public
    space that includes a restaurant, a cafe, shops, community
    gallery, water feature and public art along with the residential and commercial lobbies.
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